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December 07, 2007



Whoa. I never thought about it that way!!! thank you for that amazing perspective. Dang i love the Long Obligatory Prayer and i don't say it enough....


wow... i totally agree! - yay for perspective! :) thanks Jessica!!

Mike G

Thanks for sharing your personal insight. That prayer continues to amaze me.


Jessica, how is it that we are always thinking about the same things? We are the same person! No, seriously though, this exact passage from the Long Obligatory prayer has had me enthralled for the past month for many of the same reasons. Yay for confirmations! We have so many blessings!!!


i LOVE that you blogged about prayer.

i remember hearing a story from a dear Baha'i on the west coast. she was a middle-aged mother of two, a wife, etc. she was reminiscing about a time when she was a new mom, her husband was in grad school and she was a new Baha'i. she had NO ONE to share her Faith with and very little time to care for her soul. saying the short obligatory prayer was all she could manage to do in the midst of taking care of 2 little ones. she said that even though she couldn't go to Feast often, she couldn't go to deepenings, etc., etc., she felt so blessed to be reminded every day that her purpose was "to know and to love God." every day for 3 minutes she was reminded why she existed.

AMAZING! thank you, Jessica. i wish more people blogged about prayer


Aptly put. Last two weeks my computer has been acting up, and hope I can save all the information(pictures, music, files, data, etc) from the old HardDisk. I really had no control over anything.

That is when I had found another meaning behind the short obligatory prayer. "I testify, at this moment, to my powerlessness and to Thy might"

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